March 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

MYFOV RULES Version 1.1 (MARCH 18, 2010)

1.  Sharpies are cool.  Coloured Sharpies are cooler.

2.  Coloured, fine-tipped Sharpies are coolest.

3.  I’m not a chemist.  Therefore I do not wear goggles. Who needs Florida when you’ve got UV transilluminators?  Here’s proof that they work.

4.  My lethal weapon of choice – EtBr.  AKA Don’t mess with me or I’ll mess with your DNA, foolz.

5.  Bacteria deserve organelles.

6.  Megaterium = Big Beast.  As in, Bacillus megaterium. As in, Big Beasty Bacteria.

7.  Billy Martin can grow sprouts in 96-well plates.

8.  Doctors are basically Science kids who sold out.

9.  Grad student jokes are all true.


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