NOTE TO SELF: Find Interviewees with Awesome Brothers

February 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

You know things are going to turn out good when the person you’re supposed to interview/meet up with is with their brother and their brother is super-cool.

  1. When I was walking towards Rob Gorbet for an interview at the Solar Collector in Cambridge, his brother Matt saw me from afar and eagerly motioned to Rob, pointing at me excitedly, all whilst prancing around in the snow in a black full-body suit.  It was at this point that I knew I was going to like them.  It turns out Matt was an excellent interviewee.  Despite our shoot outdoors in what must have been some ridiculous subzero temperature, I distinctly recall leaving that interview feeling pretty darn warm inside.
  2. When I met Peter Calamai pre-Journalism-101-for-Scientists conference today and he was dropped off by his brother Paul, who introduced himself to me with a great big smile that radiated oodles of sunshine (despite, yet again, a day that boasted a ridiculous subzero temperature).  He also made sure to tell Peter to call his cell phone if he needed anything at all, and this told me that their brotherhood was strong.

I am sincerely starting to become convinced that one can make a relatively accurate preliminary judgment on the likeability of an unknown person based on their relationship with their brother.


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