Hello, I am a girl.  I like to talk and write about Science, although not as much as I love reading Virginia Woolf.  If I wore glasses, I’d want them to be red like this.


§ 9 Responses to About

  • loves the video! well put together Ale! i love your expression especially when you handed the baby off =p

  • I was studying and listening to Feist when I read that line. Too funny! And your videos are great!

  • I am so blessed and glad that you commented on my blog. I am so in love with your blog…how amazing and terrific. Not only that…but I am also Canadian! I will have to send u an email sometime! You are only 20 and so accomplished! I am 28…but pretty young considering my life right now and all 🙂
    I think you have a terrific blog and I am in such admiration of your athletic abilities. As a former competitive athlete, I miss it dearly (this last year I have taken up walking only due to lots of issues)…miss it…but have to accept, and hope the future will be better.
    I plan to follow your blog …I think I will add u to my roll if okay? You can add me also…but i warn u i am a mess…sometimes too personal…often boring….things like that…but yours is great and i love new readers and comments 🙂

  • Katharina says:

    Wow. Waterloo – what a cool name for a place! And that is so cool that you are going to pursue naturopathic medicine. It’s such an extensive practice. I believe in holistic living as well. It’s true, once you start becoming more knowledgeable in holistic ideas, you see how everything really is connected. I know when I was getting acupuncture done I become so much more aware of my body and how things were connected.

    Thanks for much for stopping by because now I discovered your blog! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the colorful eats 😀



  • Ruth says:

    Thanks for commenting on our blog (An Insider’s Guide to Waterloo Region). Your blog is very interesting and we will be following it.
    Ruth and Becka Kinzie

    • aletheiazoe says:

      Thanks! Same to you – I’m FINALLY discovering other local KW bloggers… Your blog is inspiring. I looked at all those photos on your blog and thought to myself : Seriously?! This is in my own backyard?? I love it! Thanks so much. Off to add your blog to my blogroll!

      Cheers Aletheia

  • EE says:

    “All in all, I have this dominating zest for life.”

    -What a fabulous sentence. Cheers to you, your effusive spirit, and your faith. And I have to give your parents credit for giving you a beautiful name, too.

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